Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's Shakin?

I would like to talk about the many wonders of Shake N Bake. I don't think this product gets enough credit in serious food circles. I know, I know, it's pretty much just Italian bread crumbs in a plastic baggy sold for much more money, but Shake N Bake is really the solution to delicious yet stress free dinners. Tonight, for example, I grated some parmesan into my baggy of crumbs. It was like an extra salty slice of chicken parm without the lemon juice, three plates, and hours of labor. Thankfully, I had a vat of homemade marinara on hand to eat with it.

Shake N Bake has proved itself for me as a hostess meal on several occaisions. In college, when I was living in a 300 square foot shanty, I treated my cousin Meredith and her boyfriend Paul to a fabulous meal of GLAZED Shake N Bake and mashed potatoes. She spoke to our mothers as if I had prepared a rack of lamb. Concidentally, her boyfriend Paul recently made her roast lamb for Valentine's Day. I think my early introduction to Shake N Bake spawned this creative cooking endeavor.

I think the best thing about Shake N Bake is that, because it seems fun and "game like," Corey will prepare Shake N Bake as a meal. It's like the fine people at Kraft have discovered a way to get men to flavor meat and serve it to their partners. So for all the doubters out there who think Shake N Bake is a lame excuse for a delicious meal, I suggest you grab some pork, chicken or other cubed meat and stick it in a baggy with flavory goodness and just see how easily you create a yummy creation. Even Julia Child would be proud.

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