Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So Miles and I were driving along Baum the other day and I noticed that there is a detective agency in Pittsburgh! Right there, in a ratty old building near the Shell station! It got me thinking about a number of things, including The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency series and google.

Sometimes I feel like I could have a very nice career as a private detective. A PI? A Dick? (Where does that term come from, anyway?) It also reminded me of the time I had jury duty and was seated next to a former PI all day. He had great stories. I probably blogged about them on here...this was back before my life revolved around poop and breastmilk.

But are PI's really useful in the age of internet stalking? Could this agency be running a viable business? If yes, why the ratty exterior? Just to fit into the ambiance, the stereotype of such a profession?

I would love it if someone had something that needed investigation and they hired this agency and then told me about the experience. I mean, does it smell like cigars inside? Does the PI wear a trench coat? Do they have free Wi-Fi? Your thoughts?