Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Is it nerdy if I gush for awhile that my nephew learned to walk yesterday? Cause he did! Now, when I go visit in 2 weeks, he can run to greet me at the airport. If he remembers me. But it's only been since Christmas and he's evidently a genius, so he probably will. He's so perfect!

In other nerdy news, I am obsessed with watching Olympic curling. And the luge. And the cross country skiing. I think the skiing is the most fascinating. I like to watch the rows of skiiers bob up and down and use their poles. They remind me of little jumping fishies or strange swimmers doing the breast stroke. Did anyone watch the skiing this weekend when this famous guy fell at the very beginning and ten million skiiers tripped over him and scrambled to get up and keep going? There was frantic bobbing up and down then. I was on the edge of my seat. And every second someone is on the luge, I am waiting for them to crash into a wall and fall off the sled.

But on Monday, it happened! (I think it was Monday) This girl totally wiped out and was skidding down the track at 80 miles an hour and managed to get back on board! That was amazing.

My third bit of nerd news is that I think I've gotten bored with knitting or something. I can't will myself to finish my green felted mittens. It's been since December. Can you believe it? Me? Maybe I need to spice things up and do up some socks or something. This is highly unusual. I feel afraid that Katamari has replaced my passion for yarn.


ninny said...

my grandson MUST be a genius!

Jane said...

Your gushing is fun to read. When will you connect some of the loose ends in your posts? Will we hear about the Valentine's dinner? Your blog has become something of a soap opera for us, and we don't want to miss a single episode.