Friday, February 24, 2006

Who'll Stop the Rain?

Last night I was just getting ready to run out the door to rugby practice when I heard plops. Many plops. In my office. How could there be plops of water in my office? There is no fountain in my office! I thought, wrongly. Something happened upstairs to cause water to dripdripdrip right through their floor and through my ceiling. As you can see from the photo, powerful water drills holes through the toughest of concrete. It made a pouch of paint and then burst through like Old Faithful.

I didn't even know what to do, so I called the emergency landlord number. I was mostly freaking out because I couldn't bear to miss rugby practice but didn't want to leave my office during a rainstorm. Kimi was outside beeping and rocking out to Janet Jackson, everything was happening at once. Ron, the fix-it man, said it was fine to leave and that he would take care of it for me. Thank God, because as soon as I got in Kimi's car we could sing "Again" and pretend we both had belly rings and a white outfits just like Janet.

Every single night this week has brought a new adventure. If my football playing students aren't fighting and bashing holes through walls in the writing lab, water is bashing holes through the ceiling of my house. I am almost looking forward to my Verizon battle because I know something exciting will happen. Exciting things happen in threes, right?

I am heavily debating whether to eat chocolate cake for breakfast or drink a 40 of OE before I leave the house to prepare myself for my day. Maybe Ron would like some cake with butterjuice glaze as a token of my appreciation for stopping the rain.


Em said...

Eat the cake and then pour the 40 into an insulated coffee mug to chug discreetly at work. Not that I have ever taken stout to class in a coffee mug. No. Never.

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