Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ride of Love?

Corey's friend Evan is sitting outside the Pitt student union riding his bike. He's been there doing it since 5pm yesterday and is going to still be doing it at 5pm today. 24 hours. In the freezing cold. Literally freezing cold. It's like 20 degrees. Corey had told me they would have heaters for him, but all they have is a little space heater. I worry about these kids! I worry!

When I stopped by after class last night, he was in great spirits and had been spinning for 3.5 hours. He had to pee while I was there, so I got to see that procedure. One kid from the bike team went in and got him a Pepsi cup. Someone else held a blanket up around him and he got out his junk and did his stuff while spinning. It took a long time cause he was nervous and cold, but he damn near filled that cup! A large one, too! Women just can't pee that much. I was a impressed.

But after the shock of being impressed wore off, grandma Katy set in again and I just kept thinking about the cold. I know they wear fancy gear to prevent chills and all that, but 24 hours in 20 degrees is just not good. I just hope they earn enough money through this crazy fundraiser to make it worth it.

They made a commercial about it. You should check it out.


Anonymous said...

What's he raising money for??

Katy said...

Just raising money for the bike club, for their general funds for racing fees, equipment, and random stuff.