Monday, February 20, 2006


I feel stress this week. I suspect I may just need to write down all of the things I need to do so my face stops exploding in thousands of tiny pimples a la seventh grade horror and my heart stops racing. Seriously, I'm pitting out and picking my face and too tense to even pee. I woke up this morning with clenched fists. I think the majority of these feelings are due to nervousness over having my classmates comment on my writing, but I do have a lot to deal with this week:

1. Find out Corey's progress dealing with our horrible cell phone fiasco
2. Edit the constitution for the Creative Nonfiction Writers' Professional Development Society I for some reason agreed to be vice president of
3. Read and comment on the workshop pieces for tonight's class
4. Write my own workshop pieces to submit tomorrow
5. Write my reflection for the writing course I taught in the Hill last week to which not one person showed up
6. Revise the freaking Book Rags 64 page single spaced monster that I took on as a freelance project before I discovered the book I was analyzing was 783 pages long. NOT worth $300!!!!!
7. Worry about my tax return
8. Worry about missing 3 rugby functions this year due to stupid grad school stuff and 1 to family obligations
9. Worry and pick at my new acne-filled face while trying to maintain a professional appearance as a grown-up engaged woman
10. Practice pack for my trip to LA.

I feel like I should forget all my obligations and play Katamari until Wednesday. Surely two drunken days filled with video game play will alleviate stress?


ninny said...

stop picking at your face

Em said...

As a fellow face picker, I recommend the Katamari. It will at least keep your hands occupied.

east side girl said...

Take a deep breath and keep looking at that list. It seems like there's always a one-week period during every month when there's just too damn much on the to-do list.

Hang in there!

PeaceLoveMath said...

as another fellow face picker, i recommend my two fav Clean & Clear products: first, the foaming facial cleanser as a general wash (orange and in a pump bottle, or light yellowish if you go with the sensitive skin version), and second the continuous control acne cleanser with 10% benzoyl peroxide (in a purple stand-up squeezey tube). the first regimen that has ever worked for me - i have been relatively acne-free for almost a month, the longest period in my entire life!

altho i definitely have less stress than you do. hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

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