Thursday, February 23, 2006

Icing on the Cake

The chocolate cake was a delicious success. I claimed my beggar's coffee from the upstairs neighbors and made a moist, fluffy cake. All was going well. It looked beautiful on the cake platter. I managed to cover it with aluminum foil without ripping the foil or breaking the cake. But then I went to make icing. I can't decide if I didn't boil the milk/flour mixture long enough or whether I got over-zealous with the Kitchenaid and whipped the icing to oblivion. Either way, the icing looks like baby formula spit-up. It's soupy, and full of chunky white sugary bits. Did I let this minor setback stop me from icing my cake? You bet your ass I didn't! I like to call it butterjuice glaze with sugar chunks on top. It still tastes fabulous and Corey and his seven friends will enjoy every instant of it while they are camping and starving on their little road trip this weekend. Mmmm chocolate cake with butterjuice glaze.

In other news, tomorrow is our showdown against Verizon. I am Corey's second in this duel. We have polished our pistols and are ready to face off at high noon. We will use our brand new Vonage internet phone connection to spit poison words and threaten T-mobile to the fiends at the other end. Justice WILL prevail.

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Puranjay said...

Cakes can be tough to make! especially the icing.
i like your the way you put up your story. Stumbled onto it by mistake and quite like it.
Cheers. Keep on going.