Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Deep Healing Squeeze

I made it through my list. Just now! Although I am sure more worrying could always be squeezed into my life... Speaking of squeezing, I've been a really good girl about picking my face this week. So the ten thousand zits on my chin have grown into adult craters waiting to explode. This morning, I took care of all that and it was marvelous. A perfect ending to a stressful time period.

Corey is going away for a road trip and I have completed my to do list, which leaves me with little to do. That means it's time to bake and cook again! Last night, I made marinara at 1030 at night. It got really good this time, too. I think that adding zucchini is a definite necessity. I haven't even examined Julia's ideas about pasta sauces. I'm still too busy combining different parental sauce wisdom to dabble into other people's ideas.

This morning, I'm baking Aunt Mariann's chocolate cake. I had to run around my building and beg people for coffee. Nobody understood that I didn't want coffee grinds, but that I needed a prepared cup of java. "Who doesn't have a coffee pot??" they all wondered. The answer is US! We hate coffee and we hate how it smells and tastes and looks and we don't have any cupboards anyway, so we don't have a coffee pot. The only reason I agree to add it to cakes is because I know that it all works out in the end.

So in three hours, I will be eating rich, creamy chocolate cake with homemade icing. That might end up being a better source of relief than my deep healing squeeze this morning.


ninny said...

how can you talk about zits and delicious chocolate cake all in one blog entry?

PeaceLoveMath said...

i don't much like the taste, but i love the smell of coffee! don't you like cigars? how can you like the smell of cigar without liking the smell of coffee? the two smells have always been linked for me.

Anonymous said...

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