Thursday, February 16, 2006

St. Valentine's Day

This was possibly the strangest non-holiday of my life. For starters, we decided to celebrate on Saturday due to Corey's ridiculous decision to work second shift and be gone all night every night. So after my exciting afternoon interview with Pittsburgh Quarterly (WOOHOO! FEATURE ASSIGNMENT!!!) Corey and I went to the Waterfront to go shopping. Corey just loves shopping. He had birthday money to spend on work clothes. We picked out the coolest stuff and I was just bopping all around Kauffman's looking at mixing bowls and ogling the major discounts when he started to get grouchy.

At first I thought he was being a big baby, but then I realize it was almost 10pm. We had been shopping for hours and hadn't had Valentine's Day dinner or anything. I couldn't believe it. That has never, ever happened to me. I pretty much get in and get out when shopping, except for books. Shopping is for my mom and sisters. And evidentally me now.

We finally sat down to vodka cream sauce at like 11 at night. It was deeeelicious thanks to my sneaking onions in the sauce. I don't understand why my fiance thinks onions are the devil. I'm telling you, food is not good without onions.

The actual holiday kicked off watching Evan pee on his 24 hour ride of love. Corey got up really early and rode with him on Tuesday and the guy's knee was inflamed. He stopped his ride at 2pm instead of 5pm on Tuesday because his body stopped working. I really don't feel like it's smart for a talented and dedicated athlete in training to do that to his body. But he's done now and they made $500. Worth it?

The night was a fabulous non-holiday at the end because I finished two essays and went down to Destiny's non-celebration for chocolate covered strawberries and zinfindel. I told the story of the strawberries at Sami's wedding and we all agreed they are fine when you pay a slave to make them for you, but not worth the production to make yourself. Much cheese was eaten by all as we ticked away the final moments of the night watching Orlando Bloom movies.

Gosh, the holidays are stressful!

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Em said...

Corey loves shopping? You learn something new every day.

Despite being Katamari rivals, I think you and Dee would enjoy swapping cooking shop talk.