Thursday, February 02, 2006

Miss May is Back!!

I was feeling totally grouchy and tired today as I slumped to my bus stop. I even saw the 71A coming and didn't bother to rush. Then, when I crossed the street, I saw Miss May! She blew her silver whistle and held back the traffic for me. It was so great. She said she couldn't stand being retired and asked for her job back.

In the past three weeks, May cleaned her house every day until it sparkled and sat around bored. She said she kept waking up at the crack of dawn and putting on her uniform before she remembered that she didn't have to go to work. And also, her husband recovered from throat cancer, so she doesn't need to be with him as much any longer. So she came back!

All the kids brought her candy and made her a banner and cards. Everyone is so glad to see her. I'll tell you what, that street corner just wasn't the same without her. I guess the other guard was okay, but she was no May. I'm so glad to have a crossing guard again! It's like having another grandma. Life is good.

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