Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I hate litterbugs. Hate them. I have no room in my heart for people who litter. I think littering is the ultimate sin, the most horrible conscious transgression a person could commit. I have found ways to mentally justify many other crimes, but littering is unacceptable.

Three times since I've moved here, a person has deliberately littered at the bus stop next to a trash can. Most recently, a fat woman was eating a plastic cup full of shrimp poppers with her fat fingers topped with two-inch long gold tips. As she crammed the last popper into her fat mouth, she just let go of the plastic cup, dropping it to the ground six inches from the trash can and watching it roll on the pavement as the bus pulled up.

I freaked out and started screaming at her. It was my last straw. "There's a trash can right there!!!! What's wrong with you????" I blocked the entrance to the bus. Passengers stared at me. Other people at the bus stop feared for my life. I bent over and picked up that cup and dropped it into the trashcan and stared daggers at that woman the whole ride. The worst thing was she got off and went into the Cathedral of Learning. She was a COLLEGE STUDENT!!!!!

I don't care what your background was, what your upbringing was like, what horrible things you have suffered through in your life. Littering is not ok. It is not justifiable. It is not acceptable. It's the most selfish, filthy, horrible thing a person can do to this earth. I wanted to smash garbage in her face, to rip off her plastic tips and cram them into her eyeballs. Littering is not okay.


Anonymous said...

You're lucky that you didn't get yourself murdered, which might classify as somewhat worse than littering.

Em said...

I don't know if it's the littering you mind so much as the sin behind it, which is utter lack of care for the earth and the other people who have to live in it too. It's the ultimate arrogance of believing that only the self matters.

Anonymous said...

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