Sunday, March 26, 2006

Strange yet true

This morning I did something I never do. I weighed myself. I usually don't care to do that since I know I eat well and play sports, etc. I also know I've been working out extra hard at rugby this season and three separate persons told me I looked slender. So I gave it a go. I'm down 14 pounds from Christmas! That's pretty neat I guess. I'm more excited about the increased muscle tone than I am the lower weight number. But what strikes me as odd in this situation is I just had to climb up a cup size. Literally last week I had to go buy all new bras so I would stop spilling over. How can I be losing weight but my knockers are still growing out of control??

I have now exceeded the sports bra options available to me through traditional routes like Nike and Adidas. I'm even on the upper register of Title IX garments. At this rate, my breasts are going to suck all the energy out of my body. They are taking over the world. First I can't buy shirts that fit properly and now I'm running out of bras to choose from. I am counting the days until I am done having babies and can get them reduced to little c-cup nubbins.

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