Thursday, March 09, 2006


The University of Pittsburgh has a lovely computer science program. They also have a computer engineering program in addition to an information technology program. So why don't they utilize the programs for their own operation? The library isn't equipped to email students for late fees and book requests. They waste postage and time sending you letters when your books are overdue. They still use the rubber stamp in the back of the book, a la the librarian from The Music Man. And that's just the start!

We still register for classes using triplicate forms. PAPER!! There is a little man whose job it is to type into PeopleSoft the courses we select. This persons' job should be a computer! How can we seriously be registering for classes using paper forms? Penn State had online registration and library services when I got there in 1999. Come on, Pittsburgh! Catch up to your CMU nemises and get digital.

I know I am not a computer guru. I don't understand html and I can't do coding or whatnot. But the students in the computer science, engineering, etc. programs can do these things! Why not use their skills?? The professors in those departments must spend their entire day slowly drilling out their eyeballs with pencils they shouldn't have to use anymore. I bet they bow before the one wireless router on campus and pray for modern technology.


Emily said...

and I thought A&M was behind, just getting online registration in 2001 or 2002!! The phone registration before...oye...but TRIPLICATE PAPER????

Anonymous said...

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