Monday, March 13, 2006

Gosh Dang Homeless Folks

There is this one homeless guy who sits at my bus stop all day and talks to himself or others if he can engage them in conversation. He's the one who addresses me as "Hey Pretty!"

This morning he asked me first for a cigarette and then for a quarter. Now I do not carry cash. In any amounts. Ever. I just am too lazy to go to an ATM. I use my debit card for single stamps and one dollar drafts at student bars. I did not have a quarter for this guy. Granted, I wouldn't have given it to him if I did, but I really didn't have a quarter.

So today, he got all mad at me for not having anything for him. He said "Well that's a nice diamond you got there," implying that because my fiance has the means to give me a nice diamond I should give him a quarter. It made me so angry.

I'm a graduate student and I don't have financial means to donate to charitable organizations. I give them my time, though. I work with at-risk kids and I work with the Hill House organization. I'm doing what I can to narrow the gap in education and affluence. I constantly think about the educational gap between affluent white children and poverty-stricken minorities. I study school pedagogy and raise awareness and try to help one student at a time to perhaps create a brighter future for people in similar circumstances to this man. I am an educational activist!!!!!

I don't need him implying that I should give him a quarter. I live in freaking East Liberty. If I had quarters to spare, I would live in Squirrel Hill or Shadyside. I think he pissed me off more than the homeless man who actually asked me to go to an ATM when I said I had no cash.


PeaceLoveMath said...

about your last entry: i was going to make basically the comment that "em" made. i agree, non-baked-goods recipes are basically guidelines. i make stir-fry from no recipe at all, and i cooked it for my friend sarah at work, but when she asked for the recipe and i gave her an instructional paragraph, she freaked out because i couldn't give her the exact measurements and timing etc. you are also right that it comes from experience and also for growing up eating home-cooked meals. people (like my college roommate) who grow up on stouffer's lasagna don't have the slightest clue of how to make their own lasagna.

the end.

PeaceLoveMath said...

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east side girl said...

A few years ago, my sister and I were walking along a street--I think it was in Boston. Anyway, a panhandler sitting against the buidlings along the sidewalk asked us if we could spare change.

My sister, who works in theater and rarely has extra change, turned out her pockets and said, "No, I'm sorry man, I'm completely broke."

The panhandler said, "Aw, man, that's tough." Then he offered her his change cup and said, "Here, do you want some of my money?"

It was a strange experience.

Anonymous said...

Has it occurred to you that the reason the man is homeless is that he is mentally ill (or an alcoholic or drug user or a combination of all three)? Most homeless people are not homeless because they are stupid or lazy. And, since he noticed your diamond and commented on it, I would guess he is not so stupid in assuming you might have a quarter!

Katy said...

Of course I didn't assume he was stupid, anonymous! I never, ever assumed he was stupid. What made me angry wasn't his assumed ignorance but his crass insinuation that I should give him a quarter because I have a diamond. What about my post gave you the idea that I assume homeless people are lazy and stupid? This makes me curious because I need to do a better job of getting my point across through words if I'm being misinterpreted.

Anonymous said...

GOSH DANG HOMELESS FOLKS... Your heading say's it all , about your state of mind towards those of misfortune . Every day I here comments made by authers and talk show hosts degrading those of financial misfortune , which transelates to mass populas brainwashing of there bias hatefull and cruel mentality . There are a multitude of reasons and levels for being one of the misfotuned . I was making 6 figures and was a victume of a wacked out womans scorn , for who I did not harm or treated unmorally . She set out to ruin me and she and her belivers , that none bothered to seek the truth , did in fact ruine me , financilly , socially and aleinated family , I lived in a car for the last 3 yrs. ,being chased from one town to another and from one camp site to another . I don't bother anyone and ask not of anyone . I don't smoke , I don't drink , and I don't do drugs , I avoid those that do ,homeless and white collar types alike . I manage to give to those that ask me for some bucks , knowing that possibly my donation my be used for smokes , beer or ? . But I REFUSE to not aid those that really need aid from my fear that others my use my donations for none nessesary uses . as a homeless person I have never been offered or recieved aid or even holiday dinners from those of you that donate to organizations , this does not filter down to allot of homelees folk , that are keep on the move from your no so friendly law enforcement agencies The kindess most caring individual that I have encountered in my 51 yrs. is another homeless person , who approched me as he was kicked out of a smiths groceries at about 1am and 10 degrees above 0 in a small town . I had encountered him a few nights before as he walked up to me as I sat in my car. All he had was a shoe box to carry his only possions , BUT he offered me half his food that he just bought and some of his positions out of his shoe box . I declined and gave him $40 so that he could buy a sleeping bag to stay warm and to get some hot food at the local resturant . I later went to the resturant and gave him bus fare so he could get out of that hatefull town . I AM ONLY HOMELESS CAUSE SOCIETY won't rent even a barn to those with bad credit . I can distroy those that persicute my kind so they to will fill the lashes that society inflicts , or I can ENDURE it and help those that I can , and follow the teachings of JESUS instead of answering the call of satin

Anonymous said...

Really, who hasn't answered the call of satin at one time or another?

Anonymous said...

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