Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another big gulp of haterade

Ok, so I tried to mentally prepare myself to do laundry last night. I sorted my loads (a new habit for me--I usually throw it all in as one unit) and lined up the baskets inside the door. I also scrounged for quarters and made tiny little piles by each load basket. A washer quarter pile and a dryer quarter pile. This morning, I discovered my quarter piles were missing. How could this be? Mr. Corey had sold the quarters to a neighbor. I ask you, when you see separated loads of laundry lined up on the floor with tiny load-sorted piles of quarters, does that not indicate to you that those quarters have been assigned already? He was already in the dog house for not recording American Idol last night. Now I have no AI to watch while I fold the wretched laundry this morning. I have hate in my heart!!!

So after I went to the damn grocery store to buy quarters from customer service, I grumpily hauled my loads down to the laundry room. The washing was ok. I went to changeover to the dryer, and it was full of underwear!!!! Not mine!!!! Don't leave your underwear in a public dryer. You just don't do that. If you didn't come out of my body or sleep in my bed last night, I don't want to touch your underwear. I really, really don't. I'm in shock. I have PTSD. I need chocolate cake. But I'd probably spill it on my shirt and make more laundry, so it's better if I just rant about it on here.


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