Friday, March 03, 2006

My Heart is SOOOOO Fond

I never see my Corey anymore. I hate that he works second shift. I hate that I am at work/school while he is at home and I am in bed or very nearly in bed by the time he rolls in at 11pm. And now that both our competitive seasons have started, we are NEVER going to see each other until May. I'm looking forward to skipping rugby to go to seder with him just so I get to see him for more than ten minutes in a row.

Right now, he is furiously scrubbing dishes and trying to hit the road to coach the Pitt guys in the collegiate road race season opener in NJ. I saw so little of him this week that I had to find out about his trip from his mom on the phone last night! I thought he was going to State College to build mountain bike trails or something.

In the long run, I know it's good for us to have these athletic passions and I know we each have our teams to support us through the crazy stress of a competitive season. But for right now it sure is taxing on our sanity. Obviously Corey shrugs off stress and manages to stay calm enough for both of us while I rave like a lunatic. Will the painful absence from him pay off in the end? Is my heart fonder of him because I spend so long missing him? I sure hope so.


east side girl said...

The important thing to remember is that it won't always be like this. The other important thing to remember is that it might be like this again--several times--throughout your life together.

But that's what it's all about, right? Figuring out a way to get through the less-than-savory times and coming out with a stronger partnership in the end.

Max&Reno's parents said...

We loved this one. If you get through this you know it will all work out in the end (when is that??). And although you'll be missing Corey this weekend we'll be so-o-o happy to see him!