Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Shameless Bragging

I have no shame. I can use my blog to broadcast the genius of my nephew. Here in Los Angeles, I see he can do the following new things since turning one: blow kisses, click his tongue, clap his hands, and climb things. I like to think my visit has been instrumental in his learning. So far my trip has been fantabulous. All the Rank sisters together in cali!

We went into Hollywood to see the stars on Oscar day. Obviously it was mobbed, but I did snag a peek at Judy Dench, Jessica Alba, and Felicity Huffman. My sister saw Sandra Bullock and Selma Hyack in addition. Some crazy fan blocked my view when they drove past. I was trying to jump and scream and this jerk was jumping higher and screaming louder. Luckily, Betsy climbed up barrier and sat astride it to get a good look at everyong. I located Manidis and she came to hang out for the day. She made me feel bad about myself for star gazing since, as she rightly pointed out, such behaviour just reinforces their sense of elitism. Oh well. I like famous people, even if I can't spell any of their names.

Luckily for me this trip has not gone without chin blemishes. I get to feel super grown up and chic traipsing around the beach or Little India with bindis on my chin, made worse by constant digging. Betsy isn't doing a good enough job telling me to stop picking cause now it's a disaster zone.

Hopefully the lovely sun at Venice Beach will dry that sucker out. Next up on my agenda: Ashes and Snow photography exhibit and more kiss blowing with Ananda. Super!


PeaceLoveMath said...

i am jealous of your trip to cali. tell sami (and everyone else) that i say "hi!!"

it's been a while since i checked, so in reference to your post about the horrendous littering lady, i would like to say that i am impressed and awed that you yelled at her, and i applaud you. i most hate smokers, who in addition to polluting the air often feel they have the right to throw their butts on the ground. i hate littering almost as much as i hate gigantic SUVs belonging to rich white suburbians whose idea of recreation is to walk their dog the long way around the block.

ninny said...

stop picking your california face

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