Thursday, March 16, 2006

Judy Blume is Smart

I was reading Dirty Old Prom Queen's blog today and got to thinking of my intense jealousy of Judy Blume. That lady is living large. She wrote a series of amazing books for young adults in the 70s and never has to do anything ever again. Kids today get their periods and read the same books as kids in the 70s. I can't even imagine creating characters so timeless that my books would just continue to get reprinted with different covers for the rest of my life. So what does Judy Blume do with herself these days? Does she have a pen name? Does she write more smut? I mean Wifey had some smutty scenes, but I think she could do better. Or does she write magazine articles? Newspaper stuff? Does she teach? What do writers do with themselves once they finish writing guidebooks to adolescence? What would I do after Superfudge and Blubber?

I think Judy spends her days on a chaise lounge in the Peruvian mountains writing sex scenes. I think she has a pen name and secret identity and writes trashy novels about pirates and bodices. I think she pays for someone to fan her 24 hours per day and someone else to be ready with scallops wrapped in bacon. Having tackled adolescence, I think Judy is waiting to be old so she can write books to guide elders through nursing homes. That Judy is a clever bird.


kk said...

I would love to be the person who fans her her 24/7 what a good job. but maybe my arms would get tired. So i would have to figure out something mechanical to fan her but I would need to be the to push the button.

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