Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Nerve!

Well I am in shock. Go, Dog. Go! is not written by Dr. Seuss. It was written by some poser named P.D. Eastman. Ananda and I were sitting around reading Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb which I also thought was a Seuss book. Why did I assume this? Because of the giant Cat In the Hat logo in the upper right corner of the front cover and the repeated references to the good doctor on the back cover of the book. Upon closer inspection (Ananda likes to read the copyright information almost as much as I do!) I saw that this is an I Can Read book. It's like a whole series of Seuss-like books that are not quite medical miracles, but come close. Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb was really not up to par, but Go, Dog. Go! has been a lifelong favorite of mine. I can remember Sami reading it to me when I was wee. In my mind, it is on equal footing with One Fish et al.

How can the publisher fool readers so? How can they just stick that cat in the corner and make parents and loving relatives think they are purchasing official Seuss-endorsed titles when they are just other rhyming books with drawings by a person who may or may not be the Seuss illustrator?? I feel robbed. I feel as cheated as when I discovered that a man I worked with at Pearson (Wil Mara) is one of the current authors of The Boxcar Children. Gertrude Chandler Warner kicked the bucket eons ago and they hire people off the street to continue the series. Benny has been taken over by strangers!!! The same thing is going on with The Hardy Boys. Probably Nancy Drew as well.

What lesson does this teach me, an aspiring author? I better hurry up and get all my ideas published while I'm alive because people are going to take them over when I am gone.


Anonymous said...

Or you could look at it as another possible opportunity for earning money while on your way to your own fame & fortune. It seems like it would be easy for a talented writer to continue an already successful story line/idea.

Em said...

More than you ever wanted to know about the Hardy Boys:

You have inspired me to call up my grade school and ask if they still have their original series in the library. Every so often they have a fire sale. It would be sad if no one wanted them.

Of course, even if somehow I managed to get ahold of them, I already know that The Secret of Skull Mountain is missing. I was geninuinely distressed when that book disappeared. I thought I was the only one who ever took out the Hardy Boys books! The nerve of some CASUAL reader going and stealing that book. Arrrrrgh.


Anonymous said...

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