Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Whole Paycheck

$60 worth of Produce from Whole Foods.

I'm sitting at my kitchen table surrounded by $60 of organic produce from Whole Foods. Since I got the produce at Whole Foods, I am not so much surrounded as spaciously circled with my scant bounty. Corey will probably kill me when he sees the entry on our credit card statement. I can't decide whether I should wait until he has a mouthful of delicious mushroom champagne risotto (made with $12 worth of fungus-dried porcinis and $6 of hand-picked Spanish saffron threads) or let him discover it on his own.

Fungus-dried porcinis and the fabulous risotto they make.

As soon as I unloaded my bags, I picked up Julia Child again. It's really a pretty interesting book. I can't decide if I'm so fascinated because it was Mom-mom's book with her notes and book mark or because I really want to learn how to blanch bacon. I think I am most interested in the descriptions of how common food items like butter are prepared differently in France than America. Or how to use vinegar to clean copper pots. It feels like science/social studies class when I read Julia. I think I just miss high school.

So whenever I finish munching on my $7 hunk of imported Gruyere, I am off to soak leeks and make a fabulous feast.

Stuffed zucchini and fabulous mushroom stew.


Max&Reno's parents said...

Mom Mom would be so proud of you Katy. And we are so impressed that you have taken up the gauntlet of French cooking. Of course, we are (well, at least Ellen is) also jealous we cannot help you eat that yummy food!

JRoth said...

Hey, I shop at W.F. all the time (live around the corner), but if you want to live in this city, you need to get yr ass to the Strip District, where those saffron threads would have been $4, and the porcini from Pennsylvania Macaroni Company would have been about $6.

Aplogies if this is old news to you, but it took me 10 years of hearing about the Strip to start going on a regular basis, with appropriately positive effects on my budget and fresh + exotic food intake.

JRoth said...

Sorry, I'm a dumbass. You talk about the Strip - even Penn Mac - a couple other places. I tried Blogger's Search This Blog feature, but it didn't work.

Anyway, glad this is old news for you.

Oh, and I can't believe Corey did the Dirty Dozen. Fuckin' awesome.

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