Sunday, January 22, 2006


I had an excellent weekend so far. I am reading Adventure Divas as suggested by Professor Faith. It has been so inspiring and helpful for my research. I actually sat down and wrote for an extended period of time yesterday! It was amazing. I felt very cleansed by the experience. I think the book is mostly helping me think of stimulating questions I would like to pose to my subjects. I'm very excited for my interview with the carpenter chick next Wednesday.

Corey and I went to the Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate his birthday in advance. I think they are starting to recognize me there. I guess that's ok. We actually branched out this time and tried some other items on the menu. Success! The yellow split pea dish is my new mission in life to replicate. I cannot live a day longer without that yellow split pea soup recipe. It was sweet and earthy and very cuminy. Surely somewhere on the great wide web there lies a recipe for Ethiopian yellow split peas.

We went upstairs to continue celebrating. JP was cooking Moraccan food in his Moraccan food cooking device. I can never remember or pronounce the name of it. It's ceramic and tall and pointy and makes delicious stew. Then we played Settlers of Cataan all night long.

I have definitely decided I have an addictive personality. Once I get involved in a game like that, I can't stop. It's like Katamari. I played for way too many hours yesterday despite my productivity. Now, I have Cataan on the brain. All I want to do is beg them for a rematch so I can build settlements on more productive resource tiles. I was thinking about it while I was making lunch and almost made food mistakes, not to mention dropped diced peppers into the gas flame.

And I'm certainly addicted to rugby. There is no question about that. I think that addiction has a much larger hold over my life than the others. I mean I have quit stable jobs and moved to strange cities based solely on their proximity to women's rugby clubs and kids I can coach. Hmmm, perhaps I don't love rugby as I previously thought but am instead addicted to it as one gets to cocaine?

Hopefully, a nice dose of Steelers victory will cure my obsession with other games for the moment. I'm off to an actual party where men will yell and throw things and my writer friends and I will not psychoanalyze the players and their celebration techniques.

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