Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Those Germans!

Well I have been shamed by a German girl who is better at Katamari than I am. I taught this girl Katamari and she has the gall to finish the game before me??? How can this be? Apparently, she is a gloater as well as a finisher. Last week, I was forced to admit to my advisor that I have not been working on my manuscript this semester because I have been putting in three to four hours of Katamari each day in a vain attempt to finish the damn campfire level. I located the cousin and the royal present for that level, but when I try to roll them up, I waste too much time and never get big enough to roll up the pile of wood.

I feel so challenged by Em's comment on my blog that I suspect I will not finish this post and work until class as I had intended. Instead, I will sit on the loveseat and sweat while I roll up roast and mushrooms. Who made these games so addictive???

And I really wanted to get work done this week, too, so I could watch the Steelers again this weekend. Those guys have inundated my life. This week, I'm participating in faculty interviews at Pitt. (They let grad students do that here!) The first twenty minutes of this morning's job talk were dedicated to the Bus. No rhetoric theory. No comp fancy talk. Just the Bus and how crazy he must have felt Saturday afternoon.

I wonder if he went home and played Katamari to calm himself down? The Bus is such a mover and a shaker, I feel certain he could easily beat the campfire stage.


Em said...

I have this crazy theory that when women's bodies are discussed with the same approval and enthusiam as Bettis' jiggly belly (check the papers; whenever he's mentioned they'll say admiring things about his tree-trunk legs and chubbiness, usually along the lines of, "The roster puts him at 235, but it's generally acknowledged that he's at least 25 lbs over that estimate"), that THAT will be a bellwether moment (I'm mixing metaphors, aren't I?) for feminism.

Everyone loves the Bus' belly. I think they love it more b/c he doesn't apologize for it or talk about trying to lose it during the offseason. Seriously, the day someone mentions my chub in as positive a light as Bettis' chub, I feel I will have arrived.

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