Sunday, January 29, 2006


I finally feel better. I got a LOT of work done this weekend at the expense of doing fun things Friday night. Which is ok. It's tough balancing the guilt of missing a birthday party for your friend with the guilt of not doing things for grad school. I felt like I was drowning last week as more and more things came between me and my writing and my homework. But not anymore!

Nance and Sam came for the weekend. I got to show them the rivers and Corey and I got them to go for a walk with us around Point Park and over 2 of the pedestrian bridges. My mom scuffed a shoe, but I think it was worth it. My dad was a big baby and wouldn't ride the incline, so we had to drive up Mt. Washington to show them the view. Either way, it's still spectacular. At least he got to see it!

But I think the highlight of the visit was the Steeler-mania scene at the Strip Saturday morning. You literally could not walk down the street because the throngs of people in head to toe black and gold were pushing and pushing to buy eyelash scarves or shiny hats or dyed flowers or upholstered pillows to support their team. Everywhere we went, we felt out of place not wearing a football jersey or some sort of puff-paint homemade sweatshirt celebrating the victory. It's crazy and wild and I love it. Right now, I feel like I could hang out with anyone in this town and feel comfortable chatting about football and the Steelers atmosphere. I wanted to introduce my parents to strangers. "Hey guys! Here are my parents! They support our team!" I feel like they would have gotten some hugs or at least a high five.

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