Thursday, January 12, 2006

That Crazy Corey; Pea Soup

This morning when I got to work, as I was unlocking the office door I noticed a very peculiar thing on my keyring. Rather than leave the soy milk cap thingy in its usual place on the counter, he attached it to my keyring! That crazy boy! I laughed for almost fifteen minutes, sank to my knees and cried. I have to think of something to get him back. He cannot win this prank war.

He thinks he is so clever. He thinks this gets me back for stuffing school pictures of my cousin into every single pair of his socks. Well this does not equal that!

I will now get no work done today as I try to come up with a retaliatory prank...

In other news, I have spilled a pint of pea soup in my new brown bag from Dina. My fabulous bag, which gets numerous complements each day, is now full of garlicy/thymey/bay leafy broth. You wouldn't think a faux suede bag could be so absorbant, but it can. There is broth on the fur trim, it's dripping from the brown piping. It's everywhere. Even worse, I have no broth in my pea soup for lunch. Instead, I have a brick of green gunge. I'm sure it will still be delicious. Would the Goya bag recipe lead me astray?


Em said...


east side girl said...

Hey, just wanted to direct you to a review of Spice World in today's Post-Gazette.


Katy said...

oooh! i'll have to check it out for lunch next week. do they have pho? i LOVE pho!

east side girl said...

Spice Island doesn't have pho, unfortunately. It's more Thai-influenced. The pad thai is the most popular, of course.

But if you want pho, have you been to Trams in Lawrenceville? OH MY's really good. The tofu salad kicks ass, too. But on tram's menu, they call it vegetarian mixed veggies salad.

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