Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ethiopia, Gossip

Last night, the grad school girls went out for Ethiopian food, got smashed on wine, and gossiped until almost 2 in the morning. We put in a lot of hard work, tackling such topics as broken hearts, engagement stories, professor gossip, and even future goals and current frustrations. Somehow, everyone found room to eat cheesecake after the restaurant. Over twelve hours later, I am still full and can't even imagine eating a single thing. Drinking this water makes my stomach want to burst. Why would I still be full of delicious food after so long?

I was really interested that Llana was really interested in how Corey and I could quibble yet still live together. I was sharing the story of the soy milk lid, how it likes to live on the counter for up to thirteen weeks. I shared how I build around it, certain he will notice and then dispose of it until I go crazy and just shove it in his shoe. Llana could not imagine being able to stand things like that. I suppose it's kind of a trade off for how I hate changing the toilet paper roll. I just can't bear to pop off the plastic holder, throw the empty cardboard in the trash, and stick on the new roll. Cannot stand it. Corey always yells. But then I throw the soy milk lid at him and all is well.

I had intended to go for another super long walk this morning, but I feel too full. I'll have to postpone it until just before I put my chicken in the over. Yesterday, I explored Highland Park. It was really, really neat. Full of pedestrian staircases, playgrounds, tunnels with icicles. I love this city! Oooh, if I walk today, maybe I'll make my way all the way to the river and walk along that. Could happen if my stomach fullness goes down.


PeaceLoveMath said...

the soy milk cap? where is the rest of the soy milk, surely not open in the fridge? inquiring minds need to know!

Katy said...

By soy milk cap, I mean the little cap with a ring on it that seals the soy milk shut before the first time you open it. The lid to the container is (usually) screwed on in the fridge. Sometiems, though, the whole container of soy milk likes to stay out on the counter for long periods of time.

Em said...

I'm glad to see the soy milk has a varied and interesting routine.

Anonymous said...

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