Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Steak with Butter, Hill House

I just finished eating the best food in the whole freaking world. Julia Child knows rattatouile like I know knitting. I can't even explain what was different about her way of preparation that made the flavors explode like they did, but my GOD! That was good food. I can't even say anything about the biftek au buerre or cheesy orzo I made with it. All I can think about is the way the tomatoes disintegrated in a pool of delicious zucchini/onion/eggplant/pepper/garlic goodness. If there is ever anyone I want to impress with some food, that is the dish I shall prepare. I can barely control my impulse to run to the fridge and eat it cold with my fingers. (Although doing so wouldn't be so unusual. Nobody ever said I had willpower)

Today I had my first class in the Hill House. I don't meet the potential workshop students until next week, but I still feel very confused about the class. What am I supposed to teach? How will I be able to make a difference? I also feel nervous that we have to focus on craft. I'm not sure I understand enough about story arc, characterization, etc to teach it to others. If those elements show up in my work, it's purely a result of having read so many books and learning subconsciously. Anyway, I really look forward to meeting the staff and residents next Tuesday.

My belly is so full right now! If I were a good grad student, I would sign off and write my workshop piece until 2am. Instead, I'm going to watch an episode of the Sopranos which I've already seen and probably put in at least 2 hours of Katamari before falling asleep on the sofa. Why??


ninny said...

what is all this butter doing to your hearts? i'll have this dish when i come visit...

east side girl said...

Your dinner sounds amazing. Good luck w/ teaching. I'm sure once you get started, you'll know exactly what to do.