Friday, January 20, 2006


Last night, my friend confessed to me that she refuses to get her teeth cleaned or go to the dentist for any reason. I don't understand this behavior. I know she is not alone in her attitude. The last time I went to the dentist, they told me some frightening only 40% of people get their teeth cleaned or something terrifying like that. And, says my hygienist, most of the people who come in are making their first visit in years because something is rotting in their mouths.

Now, I don't particularly enjoy the dentist myself. I personally find the brushing there worse than the scraping. This is probably because I don't have much scraping to be done because I brush and floss regularly and don't build up hard deposits. The brushing is horrible. I can feel it for weeks. But you know what would feel a lot worse? Rotten teeth falling out of my mouth as I bite into apples. Or getting corn stuck in the holes in my gums from the diseases I would get without proper dental care.

People should take care of their teeth. I'm taking a stand on this one. I will not be swayed! You only get one set and I have seen what happens when you let them go. If nothing else, let the idea of having to gum your way through steak at your grandchildren's wedding reception motivate you to get your choppers cleaned regularly.

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