Sunday, January 15, 2006

Drive the Bus

The Steelers just won! I had a football party. Although I don't know whether my football party counts as a playoff party in the traditional sense. It was four female writers and Corey watching football and eating pita and pizza and chocolate. We asked him questions about the rules pretty much without stopping. He was a really good explainer. I had fun.

This means all those dudes I saw Friday night sporting the "bustache" won't be shaving it off any time soon. I wonder what chaos is happening in the streets right now. Llana, who arrived late to the party, said they made an announcement in Whole Foods when the Steelers scored. You know you're in a football friendly place when the granola kids at Whole Foods are announcing the score. I love the team spirit in this town.

Last night I hung out at Ruggers all night with Jenny Lui. The whole Angels team was there, so it was awesome because I knew everyone and Jenn knows most of them. I got numerous free drinks for being an out of towner and supporting the Steelers and then I got a free cheesesteak sandwich. It was altogether a great time.

The streets were teeming with Steelers supporters. People were hugging. I remember Tricia saying in college that she would feel more involved and proud if the Steelers won a superbowl than she felt when we won the collegiate national championship in rugby. At first I was flabbergasted that any woman would feel more a part of something she watched than something she made happen herself, but after seeing the way this town embraces Dem Stillers, I can see why she would feel that way.

The Steelers might as well be a fourth river in this town. I love it!


Jane said...

Harry is a Steelers fan from way can join him now. He yelled so loudly and so suddenly on one play that I now have one less year to live. Are you having another party for next week's game?

PeaceLoveMath said...

i went grocery shopping on saturday, and many members of the staff even had their faces painted red and yellow. 99% of the customers were dressed in redskins apparel...and the lines were reallllllly long! i didn't watch the game (redskins or steelers), but the redskins lost anyway, so i guess i won't get to experience the really hard-core excitement of a football town this year. i will look forward to more stories of what pittsburg is like next weekend and possibly in the super bowl!

Em said...

The game was the talk of ESPN the next day. But did they talk about the Steelers? No! They talked about how disappointed the Colts were and how 80-odd percent of Indianapolis residents who were polled said that the season was a failure. A Failure! That would never happen in Pittsburgh. We like our teams win or lose, and boy do we celebrate when we win.

It was a good game. The pocket collapsed around Manning for most of it, and like any good forward I enjoy watching blitzes and sacks! Tackles, yum! And for once they did not choke on their own success in the postseason! Joy! There were some stupid decisions but overall they played well enough to recover from them and I do think they managed this one by playing and not just by luck.

I like rooting for a team that isn't as win-driven or salary/star player driven as most other teams are. Go Stillers!

east side girl said...

Go Steelers!

You went to Goosky's? Love that bar. spiceboy used to have a loft in PH so we went there quite often. I miss it!

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