Monday, January 23, 2006

Such Yelling

It is a zoo here. Absolute pandemonium. The Steelers Victory yesterday has set this town on fire. Maybe literally? The moment I stepped outside to go home after my football party, I could here the screaming in the streeets. I was in the South Hills watching the game--the suberbs!--and people were shooting fireworks and running through the streets. When I got into the tunnels, people were just laying on their horns to make a joyous noise.

Some people were running along the highways with "Welcome to Blitzburgh" banners. Almost everyone had some sort of Bus slogan written on their car.

At one point, in Oakland, people were running up to the cars and banging on the hoods while they spun Terrible Towels over their heads. Students jumped on roofs. Even now, at 8am, the honking and yelling has not stopped. All through the night, practically every car that stopped at the four-way intersection outside my apartment treated the neighborhood to a round of honking in response to a party of people who braved the freezing rain to stand outside and shake towels.

I have never seen anything like this in my entire life. I have never seen an entire town band together like this in support. During the game, the guys I was watching with had these strange little rituals they seemed unable to control. Like they didn't even consciously wave the towels around, it just happened at certain points in the game. Like a tic. I find it all very interesting and uplifting. It's impossible to not be a happy person in this city right now. I wonder if Steelers fans love the Steelers more than RedSox fans love the RedSox?


Em said...

Probably they do. A portion of Red Sox fans' energy is necessarily diverted toward hating the Yankees. The Steelers don't have any deathly serious rivalries (used to be the Browns but after they went to Baltimore it wasn't the same) and thus they can devote 100% of their energy to loving the Steelers!

east side girl said...

As someone who has lived in both Boston and Pittsburgh, I can say that they are equally devoted fans, but in different ways.

Like em said, Red Sox fans are all about hating the Yankees, where as Steeler fans are all about loving whoever is on the team at that moment. In Pittsburgh, the Steelers are absolute heroes. How about the guy who had a heart attack last week b/c he was so excited about the game?

Have fun with it. I'd put money down that you're going to be sick of the "here we go" song by the time the superbowl rolls around.

PeaceLoveMath said...

i still want to know more about these video games you keep talking about...what system are they for? i got paul a used xbox for christmas, and i want a game that i will like. vice city is not my thing.


Anonymous said...

no. they dont.

Em said...

LOL, Katy, you've a pissy anonymous RedSox fan!

Anonymous said...

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