Sunday, January 18, 2009

And Again

Yesterday I got up pretty early, knowing I had only a small window to go to the grocery store. I spent an hour drinking fruity tea and planning out our week of meals and the corresponding shopping list. I had already snipped coupons from the paper the weekend before, so I had those ready to go along with a gift card. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, asked Corey for any additions, and headed to Giant Eagle.

I pulled into the parking lot, pretty darn proud of myself for conquering my pregnancy brain and remembering all the cloth bags. I sort of skipped a little as I neared the produce, reached into my pocket to pull out the list and start shopping. Then I remembered that the list, coupons, and gift card were on the dining room table.

I must tell you, this was a low moment in my life. I'm still recovering from the events earlier in the week and the realization that I am really and truly going to be helpless left me in tears. Of course, everything makes me cry these days--from commercials to produce sales to songs --but I am not generally in public when this happens.

I tried calling Corey, but he is comatose when he is asleep and just snoozed right through my four phone calls. I had to recreate the list from memory and drive home, sort of dejected. I did an ok job, but the experience left me feeling really blue the whole day.

I told Corey I really need him to be my partner through this process. When I leave the house, I need him to review where I'm going, what I'm supposed to have with me for such excursions, etc. Like how he helped me remember my wallet when I left for a radio writing class later in the afternoon, because I can no longer remember such things on my own.

This is going to be a long, arduous process.


Em said...

Hey--forgetting shit is basically my life, so if you're interested, here are some things I do to make remembering easier:

Put important things in the exact same place every time. Make a routine where you grab them from those places in the same order every time, then touch where they are on your person (pocket, purse, whatever--also good to be consistent here; wallet always in the same side pocket, etc) and say their names out loud as you touch them--before you go out the door.

Write (or otherwise make, say, on your phone if you have a smartphone) a list that details your day including not just appointments but also the little shit you need to remember, such as, "Mail X's b-day card". Keep your list on your person and look at it whenever you have a spare moment, so you are constantly reinforcing your memory via repetition. You might find it rewarding to cross off items as you do them--I do; some people might find it superfluous.

I am sorry this is affecting you so badly. But you are not helpless, even though you might feel so. It will just require some temporary adjustments to keep you up to your accustomed speed. If you ever need to complain or get support for being forgetful, you can call or write or whatever.

ninny said...

em, she probably forgets your number

Valtastic said...

katy.. the more you stress about it the more you're going to forget... stress brings on forgetfulness...

kk said...

You need to look at this as writing material for your novel. Learning how the rest of us live. Just think how good it will be writing from real life experiences instead of just listening to the rest of the world:+) And remember you are not helpless you are building character!!