Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maternity Clothes

Me: I got new pants
Corey: Let's see
(I put on the pants...in the living room)
Me: What do you think?
Corey: (Looks. Turns back to the Eagles/Giants game)
Me: What? You don't like them because they have a big elastic band instead of a waist?

Today I am wearing maternity clothes. I didn't really think I had grown enough of a belly to warrant such things, but after trying on the clothes in the store and realizing how comfortable they were, I actually became excited to wear them full time.

My shirt? It actually fits over my bosom. I'm not completely self conscious about the taut material stretched to the bursting point over my gangas. Instead, I'm just sitting back in my chair letting my belly slurp over the top of my elastic waist pants, hidden by the extra long, flowy material of my comfortable shirt. The pants are jeans to the outside world, but I know that instead of a fly there's a 2-inch thick blue band.

Remember that episode of Friends where Joey wears Phoebe's maternity overalls and calls them his turkey pants? I think that I have found my own turkey pants, only I'll use them for rice and big bowls of pasta. This is the best outfit ever.

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Valtastic said...

You are the girl that's going to be wearing maternity clothes when you're no longer prego and you've lost all your baby weight. :)