Tuesday, January 27, 2009

True Love

I was out of town this weekend and missed Corey's birthday. I felt terrible about it, and even more terrible when I drove through 4 hours of snowy disaster along route 70 from Columbus, OH to Pittsburgh to get home on Sunday. I was in such a foul mood our Sunday evening was not what one might call quality time spent together.

So Monday I was determined to hang out with Corey. I went to the early Crossfit and endured a PainStorm workout, came home and wanted to visit my long lost, now older husband. But he needed to ride his bike. Since it was 18 degrees outside and the basement is too cold for me to hang out these days, Corey brought Bianchi upstairs and rode in the living room so we could hang out while he did his cardio!

(note the excellent use of the old, useless phone book to support his front wheel so it's at equal height to the trainer. Note also the disgusting sweat towel he had thrown on the sofa, which I promptly relocated to a less gross spot)

I was so excited to just spend some time together, time that has been on short supply these past few weeks and will continue to be until after Frost Bike (for him) and AWP (the writing conference I'm attending). But the most exciting part of all was that we both still managed to work in some cardio and retain our health. I think the baby could tell and knows that he or she had better not be a couch potato.

I wonder if I'll still be excited about this event 2 years from now, when the bike is still set up in the living room?


Em said...

How much do those trainers cost? Can you use them with a mountain bike that has slicks on it? I have been thinking it might be a good investment but I have never used one.

PeaceLoveMath said...

I have an $80 one from Amazon.com and am using it on my mountain bike with smooth tires. Works quite well. Can't be too much different than the next tier, which cost at least twice as much.

Katy - I love the hilarious punchline on this post. Made me laugh out loud!

em said...

Hmm, more than I want to spend right now, but a definite possibility for the future. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am cracking up at your joke. Zing!
And don't worry about the couch potato -- uncle Jordie will make sure little Jordan Jr. gets plenty of Yo Gabba Gabba and Katamari in his life.

-Uncle J