Thursday, January 08, 2009

Gracias, In Laws!

Corey's parents got us some pretty sweet presents this year, too.

The first and most significant was a collection of gift certificates to Trader Joe's. We've already enjoyed some delicious strawberry licorice, countless produce and cereal items, delicious chocolate, and many yummy things for our pantry. This present goes nicely with the new Alice Waters cookbook Billy bought for me (in addition to the videos...). Talk about a family working together!

I think I can speak for Corey and say his favorite gift was the super rad puzzle his dad had made for us. It's a MAP (Corey LOVES maps!) of our neighborhood and the very center piece of the puzzle is our house. This puzzle piece is, in fact, shaped like a house.

The best part of this puzzle was the fact that there is no photograph of the puzzle to work from. You have to use your knowledge of which streets link with which waterways or alleys, intersecting which boroughs. Not only did we challenge ourselves with extreme puzzle assembly, but we also learned some more about the area in which we dwell. We put it together on the dining room table and can't quite bring ourselves to disassemble it and put it away yet. I might "accidentally" knock it on the floor when I'm sweeping tomorrow so we have an excuse to put it together again.

Thanks, Herb and Onion!


freya said...

We cheated and used Google Maps for the really obscure parts of Rankin that we didn't know. =)

Anonymous said...

Herb and onion are so glad you liked the presents.We never had any doubt that you could figure out what went google maps for you!