Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year--With Functional Pictures

I hate New Year's Eve. For me, the best part about it is usually going to bed at the end of a strange night. There's all this pressure from everyone to party and to make said parties extravagant and wild. I just don't like it. I never have fun (Although one year the Angels had a party at Dr. Parker's house and we ate mushy homemade pizza and Corey fell asleep on the couch and the team silly stringed him. That was fun...).

This year I was very excited at the prospect of spending the new year in State College. Corey had to do inventory at his bike shop and we would spend the night with Team Drayton, with whom we would also enjoy the Rose Bowl. Since Team Drayton has a young baby and I have a baby inside, none of us expected a big to-do for New Year's Eve. It was fantastic. We wore sweatshirts and played 80s Trivial Pursuit and ate spaghetti and yogurt.

Then, just as we were getting sad at the failed health of Dick Clark, Sergio had an explosive poop and puke while Corey held him. We counted down to the new year as Britt and Jordyn frantically ran around scrubbing onesies and grabbing wipes and holding Serge, who started to pee, too. As fireworks began blasting and startling the baby, we drank champagne and disposed of the diaper. Then we watched The Dog Whisperer and went to bed. I couldn't stop smiling, such was my joy.

On New Year's Day, Corey counted bike parts for hours while Serge took a nap on my lap, clad in a dinosaur costume.
I walked around for awhile and ogled the brilliantly amazing ice sculptures in State College, watched some sad football, and ate a chili/peirogi feast. All in all, the best new year ever.


Valtastic said...

I agree... people put too much pressure on NYE... I like a house party or staying home with a few friends over anything else.

Emily said...

Your NYE sounds super fun. I can't understand what possesses people to get super dressed up and pay too much money to sit in overcrowded places to see a ball fall while making fun of the crazy people standing outside in the cold. I can do that at home, thanks :)

Jane said...

Why won't my Macbook let me see the pictures?