Monday, January 05, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Last night, the episode of Extreme Makeover in which the Pittsburgh Rugby Club volunteered aired on ABC. Unfortunately, none of us got any air time. There are a few additional scenes and little videos here, but I didn't see any of us there, either. That's ok, though.

It was a pretty awesome thing for so many of us to come together to volunteer for such an endeavor. While the set was very heavily patriarchal and macho-dominant, it was sort of mind boggling to watch so many facets of construction come together and work at the same time. Not to mention, you had people from a zillion different construction places coming in every few hours and taking over where their predecessors had left off. It was like one mustachioed dude would work on a column for a few hours and then another one would slip in on the next breath. Very interesting.

One thing I did enjoy in the episode was the time the camera spent on the doors and the tile in the master bathroom. I carried all those damn wooden doors into that house and let me tell you! They were awkward. And that tile is deceivingly heavy. I could only carry one of those squares at a time. Luckily there were like 10 of us on tile duty so it didn't take all night to get it upstairs. I was bummed that they never showed the kids' bathroom, because that included some more tile that was certainly unwieldy and heavy.

It occurs to me in hindsight that perhaps my exhaustion and exertion at carrying doors and tiles was due to the fact that I had become pregnant just before we volunteered for that experience. So the baby also helped the Slaughter Family in utero! This baby has played rugby and done some volunteer work. Seems like a winner already.

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