Friday, January 30, 2009

Snowed In

I feel like I've been inside my house for a thousand years. I also feel like every single time I've had any sort of social plan this month, the weather has thwarted this plan. Like the other day, when I wanted to do burpees in the living room (not that this is very social) the freezing weather decided to make our garden hose explode. Lord knows how many hours the water was spraying and freezing all over the side of our house/driveway/car before I got it all shut down. That was cool.

Or today I was supposed to meet an old teammate and her baby for lunch, only we got 3 inches of snow so far, it's not showing signs of stopping, and each of us lives atop a hill with no way of traversing in between.

I have this sinking, terrible fear that I will be unable to leave Pittsburgh this weekend and miss a very important happening in Lebanon (not to mention the pot pie war). Or if I do get out, I'll get stuck out and miss watching the super bowl here with the Steeler Nation.

January, I have had enough of you. You need to end. Right now. Immediately. Get out of my face and take your damn sub-freezing, snowy, awful weather with you. You have outstayed your welcome. Git!

In other news, this house arrest has awarded me ample time to work on my first sweater. I have the back, front, and half of one sleeve complete. Probably my stomach will be too big to wear it by the time I finally finish it...have to wait until next winter I guess. Or I could let (*make) Corey wear it...


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