Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Man Winter? I defeat you!

It's snowing again. On top of the ice and snow from yesterday. I don't think Corey and I are going to escape the neighborhood anytime soon, as the unplowed brick side streets aren't conducive to driving. This was fine with me, as I'm still in my pajamas completing a productive day working from home. And it was fine for Corey, since he could ride his knobbly-tired bicycle to work and beat even the delayed buses. But what about Crossfit?

I mean, heck, it's day 24 of the burpee challenge and we just finished Painstorm. We can't take a day off now! I feel very excited to say that I am undefeated by this winter storm. Thanks to the kettlebell I got for Christmas and Corey's pull-up bars in the basement, we are going to complete Barbara from home tonight. 5 rounds for time of 20 pull-ups, 30 pushups, 40 situps, and 50 squats.

I have my exercise ball all set to go for the situps so I don't squish the baby and am fully prepared to subsitute Good Mornings with the kettlebell if I can't finish the pullups. Neither gestation nor snow will keep me sedentary today, I tell you! I will overcome!


Amy said...

You are awesome, Katy. What weight kettlebell? I'm hoping the federal government gives me some money so I can buy a 16 kilo. My 12 isn't cutting it anymore.

Katy said...

i have the 12 kilo kettlebell. i'm not really ready for the next one, but perhaps after the baby splashdown i can increase. i only made it through 4 rounds of barbara yesterday, but i still feel good having done that much from home!