Friday, December 19, 2008


Yesterday, my stylist Jessica gave me this trendy, asymmetrical haircut (still a bit wet from the shower):
Along the way, she told me how she was watching an infomercial the other day and remains convinced she needs the Toby steamer. She hates ironing desperately but has to do it every day. She thinks this Toby steamer would really change her life for the better.

I told her about my infomercial experience with the Cricut and we both agreed it would be life altering to create animal shapes out of, say, leather.

"Maybe you should ask Santa for the Toby," I told her, thinking she could just ask her husband and he'd feel super relieved to have an idea.

"Man!" she yelled. "Wouldn't it be great if Santa were real? Like for real you could just ask this man for presents and he'd get them for you if you were nice?"

I thought about this a lot since then. Santa. He seems a bit like a genie in a bottle, only with material possessions instead of more abstract wish-granting like riches or happiness or love.

If there were an honest-to-goodness present giving Santa, I think I would ask him not for a Cricut but for a new Mac. Perhaps one with a functional optical drive, but at least one that is shiny and environmentally friendly and better than the one JennyLui has.

Then, if I were still allowed to ask for more things, I'd ask for the expensive hair wax Jessica used on my coif so it wouldn't look like I just got out of the shower and shook my head and called that a hairstyle.

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Valtastic said...

This picture is creepy...