Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Proposition Hate

Today is the "Day without a Gay" protest. The idea is to call in "gay" from work, and use your time instead to volunteer. The message is two-fold: there are dramatically more gay people than we think helping our world to function and these neighbors, during their protest, are moved to do good in the world rather than divisive, anger-driven legislating.

I am self employed and am unable to support this protest. (Though I am taking time to babysit for my friend Sam so his wife can hear him read from his newly released book!) (Also, I sort of question its eventual usefulness, but I digress)

My brother-in-law showed me a blog post today that fully exemplifies why I feel legislation denying civil rights is wrong. This man has humbled me. He makes me feel sad that Corey and I are automatically given rights and privileges my gay friends have to pay and work hard to obtain (if they can ever get them). It just feels wrong.


Em said...

I question its usefulness too, because while I get the joke reference ("If being gay is a sickness, let's all call in queer"), the reality is, it's a mockery of gay folks, who run the real risk of losing their jobs by coming out, for a bunch of straight folks to do it for pretend. Privilege, let me show you it.

freya said...

EGADS, that story is amazing. "Humbled" is right.
You know what I hate? Hate.