Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Phone Books

We don't have real phone service. We have an internet line we established initially for my business use so I wouldn't rack up huge phone bills doing telephone interviews. It comes in handy when I have to call people in Europe. Or even just during the day time. But the line is through the internet and, thus, we aren't listed in the phone book or really on Verizon's radar.

Yet we get phone books! I feel like twice a year we get a phone book. I don't want this paper waster. What on earth do I need with a phone book? You might think I would need it to look up a telephone number provided the power/internet was out. Should this occur, I would have no phone, either! Or, I would just text the establishment name to GOOGL and my favorite website (love you, Google!) would text me back the address and phone number. For free.

Each time a phone book gets delivered, I leave it on my porch for a week in hopes that the delivery person will come back and collect it. Take it back again. Then Corey tells me I'm a useless dreamer and I take it to Construction Junction with the other recycling.

Not anymore, though. I just learned of a new and fantastic website: Yellow Pages Goes Green. I went there and learned some facts and clicked to opt out of phone book delivery. I will let you know in a few months whether this endeavor was successful. I sure hope so! What a great Christmas present to myself. No more phone books clogging up the porch...

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