Monday, December 29, 2008

Benjamin Button

** Spoiler Warning **

I hated Benjamin Button. Hated it. And Corey did, too. We feel ok about this even though everyone else we know loved it. But we do feel a little judgey, like we might need to get new friends and family members who also hated the movie.

I thought the idea for the story was a really unique one and that it was pretty well executed. A man aging in reverse. It was really neat to me. And there were some really interesting complications, like wanting playmates or the strange relationship Benjamin develops with his own deadbeat father and being unable to have age-appropriate friends until he was in his 20s, that made the story really well rounded. However, none of these positives were stronger than the major negative plot point: Benjamin Button abandons his baby to go gallivanting in India.

To me, this is a selfish and unforgivable action. Babies need parents. They just do. The other people who watched the movie with us think he was being all noble in freeing up his lady-friend to go marry someone else while she was still young and hot. That's bullshit, too. Daisy didn't seem to really love that dude. She needed Benjamin. He had at least 20 years in him that he could parent his child and be a partner to his Daisy. By the time Caroline was 20, Daisy wouldn't have "needed" to go off and find another man to be Caroline's father. Plus, Daisy ended up diapering her lover in the end anyway so his big old "sacrifice" didn't really get him very far.

I don't know if Corey and I felt so strongly about this move because we have a baby coming or because it really is such an awful thing, but the idea that Benjamin's leaving was noble makes our blood boil. We think he's a deadbeat dad, even if he did leave them millions of dollars on the bureau.


Anonymous said...

I didn't like the fact that the trailer pretty much told the whole story so we didn't bother to go see it.

but speaking of diapers I have something for you:

Anonymous said...

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PeaceLoveMath said...

I'll read this post after I see it tonight, thanks for the spoiler alert!

PeaceLoveMath said...

I totally agree about the abandonment. That was reprehensible to me too, and I totally didn't understand it. I certainly didn't think he was being noble at all, I thought it was the wrong decision...but I kind of justified it by thinking that he was physically turning into a 20-something, which is the age at which you typically go gallivanting around someplace like India, so maybe it was his hormones/wanderlust that made him leave? But on the other hand, he already got to sail around the world on a tugboat, fight in WWII, and have that weird affair with the Ice Witch from Narnia. So I agree with you, but it didn't ruin the whole movie for me, and I did still like it. I got the impression that the other couple we were with felt similarly, and Paul and I pretty much agreed on things. I can see how, as expectant parents, that would totally ruin the feeling of the movie for you.