Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Something happens to me in the wintertime and I retreat back to my youth. I re-read all the books I used to pore over when I was actually young and then watch the films made from those books. Probably the first set of movies to not disappointment me is the current Narnia endeavor. How great are those movies so far?

Last night I watched Caspian. The little dude from The Station Agent plays Trumpkin (or D.L.F. for those in the know) and, again due to pregnancy-induced hormone swings, I sat on my couch transfixed and weeping as he fought his way through the Telmarines. Every part of that movie is exactly as I imagined it in my head as a wee girl. Then, when I went back and read the book (it's only like 100 pages and doesn't take more than an hour or so) I was just so happy with how closely the director stuck to the plot.

Except for one small thing: they sold out Susan. It's bad enough C.S. Lewis kicks Susan out of Narnia for liking pantyhose and lipstick. This film director gets her kicked out for falling in love with Caspian. Where does that come from? In the book, nobody has time for budding romance. They're all busy fighting off catapults and evil Spanish-sounding men. Even in the movie, Susan is out on the battlefield slinging arrows in exactly the right spot to pierce a warrior's armor. Why do they have to incorporate a love story? I disapprove. Didn't Lewis create enough action and drama and excitement without having makeout scene?

Some day I'm going to write a fairytale in which the heroine is concerned only with saving the world. If people fall in love with her, she will be oblivious because she'll be so driven and satisfied with her righteous endeavors she won't have time. Like Alice Paul. Maybe I should just watch Iron Jawed Angels all the time and stop viewing other movies...

Let's just hope that the Voyage of the Dawn Treader doesn't have Lucy falling in love with Eustice, because that would be truly disappointing. Does anyone else predict Eustice and Jill will end up with a love scene when they get to The Silver Chair?


PeaceLoveMath said...

They can't do Lucy and Eustice because they're cousins!

I really disliked the movie of Caspian, not just because of the romantic tension between Susan and Caspian (which was a large part of my dislike), but also because of the angst they gave Peter - his fight scene at the beginning really got the entire movie off to a bad start for me.

I actually liked that they showed Susan at the beginning being oblivious and indifferent to the romantic advances of her schoolmate, so I think if the whole Caspian thing had been less stupid, I would have liked to see her realization of herself as someone who can feel romantic love, but I 110% agree that the whole thing with Caspian was crap.

But the thing I hated the most about the movie was the portrayal of Peter. That didn't bother you??

PeaceLoveMath said...

OH also the battle scene in the castle! That didn't happen in the book!! I thought TLTWATW movie was great, but I was just completely disgusted with Caspian. Voyage of the Dawn Treader is my favorite of the books, so I really hope they do a better job with that movie.

But PS: I could definitely see them giving Jill and Eustice a love scene in Silver Chair.

Katy said...

i guess i already hated Peter kind of and didn't care that he was assy in the film...i thought the castle battle seemed appropriate for character development and stuff. i liked the movie. but i can easily see them writing the cousin business out of the script to get some smooch time with lucy and eustice. just saying