Thursday, December 18, 2008

Receipt free at last!

A few months ago, PNC took away the option to not get a receipt. They just took it away. One day you could opt out and the next? If you used the ATM you had to get that little piece of paper. It drove me mad. It infuriated me. I saw them blowing around the ground surrounding the ATMs. I saw them billowing out of the trash cans, people's personal banking information taking to the breeze like so many feathers.

(Note: this made me more angry than wasters who get receipts only to look at them briefly, crumple them up, and throw them on the ground. Not sure why that is less annoying than having no choice...this is litter after all)

Anyway, two weeks ago when I went to the ATM, I got asked the magic question: Would you like a receipt with your transaction?

No! No I would most certainly not like you to chop down a tree for a weird, hard to read, temporal record of my transaction.

Thank you, PNC, for returning to the level of conservation you had before. I will not, however, feel at ease until I understand the two-month hiatus of non-wasting options. Why would you have done that to start with? I think you need to plant a bamboo field somewhere troical to offset your customers' receipt usage.


PeaceLoveMath said...

I would honestly guess that it was just a glitch in a software update they pushed to their ATMs that they've now fixed. But I'm glad to hear they've put the option back in there, because although I rarely use ATMs, the few times I did use one in the last couple of months, I was also quite annoyed.

Valtastic said...

seriously? mine always asks me if i want a receipt. yeah citizens!