Thursday, December 04, 2008


I just checked my Good Reads book list and I've read 22 books since May. At first I resisted joining Good Reads because it sounded annoying, but now I'm glad I did. That's a lot of books! I was so greatly anticipating the conclusion of graduate school because I wanted to read books again. I feel like for three years I didn't read anything. I mean I used to be a book a week girl. It looks like I'm getting right back near that pace, which is awesome.

Granted, some of the books were young adult literature and some (Harry Potter 7) I'd read before, but I was reading for pleasure! Sometimes fiction! It feels like I am slowly but surely creeping back toward my old self. I might even learn to relax soon. I'm getting closer to being used to eating dinner in an actual chair, not out of the microwave standing by the photocopier in 517...

I am mid-way through two more books and want to push myself to read a third before New Year's so I can say I hit 25 books in the last 7 months of the year. I think that's a good goal. I suppose if you count the substantial portions of What to Expect While You're Expecting, I will have ingested 26 books! I'm just so expanded, horizon-wise.

I am having a bit book anxiety right now. I am hosting a book club meeting on Tuesday to talk about Waiter Rant, which I loved. I just found out my friend hated it. Super hated it. I am scared that everyone else hated it and they will all resent me for picking such a book. And then they'll all judge me based on my book taste! And then I won't be able to be friends with them anymore because they'll wonder how they could like me if I loved a book they hated so thoroughly. How does this happen? My heart rate is going up. It feels better to share.

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PeaceLoveMath said...

I want to have a phone conversation about the Caspian movie. What did you think about the scene with summoning the White Witch? They didn't get that far in the book. Also I want to hear more of your thoughts on the battle in the castle and why you don't much like Peter. I do concede that the book would have made a really lousy and boring movie if they hadn't added some action like the castle raid.

PS: the verification words have been much more pronounceable and hilarious lately...this time mine is "badista"!