Friday, December 12, 2008


So my students mostly use the new Word to write all their papers. I find this annoying only because I have a 2004 version of Office and must, thus, convert all the files using this easy but bothersome conversion program. It drives me nuts.

I asked my friend to loan me her CD of the 2008 Office for Mac and she graciously agreed. So I hauled into campus to run some errands and acquire it. Well she forgot it. No sweat. She would deliver it to my friend Sam, whose children I would be babysitting while he read aloud from his new and fabulous book.

She went to the reading, delivered the CD, and Sam put it in his pocket to take home. When he got home, the millions of children he produced starting running around and clapping and singing and jumping and we all jumped and ran and sang and clapped. And we all forgot about the CD. No sweat. He would just take it BACK to campus and put it in my mailbox, where I would acquire it on my next journey to do errands.

I went into campus today during a blizzard, made some copies, returned library books, and got the CD. I was cold, miserable, had parallel parked poorly, and got home ready to install some new software.

Then I remembered. I don't have a functional disk drive on my computer. The genius told me it was broken. So, after all that, here I sit with a new version of Word and no way to install it. Life laughs at me sometimes, just to see if I still think things are funny.


freya said...

Maybe this is a stupid question, but why don't you have them save it as a .doc instead of .docx?

Katy said...

oh i can have them do that. I probably will have to this spring! but i also wanted some of the new features in the new word (love that references function!) so i'll have to figure something out

freya said...

Yeah, I definitely love Office 07. The first day is frustrating as hell, but it's so worth it after that! =)

Sorry for your troubles.

Em said...

Open Office will open docx and allow you to save as doc. Free download. Worth it!

PeaceLoveMath said...

Paul says that if you install the other person's version of Office that she already installed, it might make it either stop working on her machine, or might no longer let her get any updates or patches. Has something to do with the serial number you have to type in when you install it, it makes sure it is only ever installed on one machine. So it's probably for the best that you couldn't do it...

Since you're self-employed and they're both vital to your work, can't you fix your optical drive and buy Office 2008 and write it all off as a business expense or something?