Saturday, November 08, 2008

Unexpected Networking

I did something unusual for me last night: I left my house and went to a space filled with other writers. Not only fellow graduate students learning to get their act together, but actual writers who do it for a living. Can I just say what a great idea that was?

In the space of 2 hours, I learned of several potential blogging opportunities, social media events, and networking groups I'm going to join. I had gone to this event on assignment, planning to sit sort of in the back and observe and take notes on things--like the lady who brought a wreathe instead of a food offering to the potluck, or the man who asked to borrow my pen so he could get someone's autograph. This while I was interviewing said person for the article! And then? I lent him my pen! Why did I do that? I wanted to stab him with it and instead, I let him borrow it and interrupt my interview to talk about his stupid vacation home in Belize.

Anyway, I was totally in article mode and not personal mode until I saw someone I knew and began talking to her. This opened a torrent of introductions, business card exchanges, and genuinely friendly advice-giving. Whoah!

Later, I was talking to a photographer friend who told me he has tons of great shots and story ideas and wants to pair with a writer to do pitches as a team, to put articles together as a unit. Not sure how that would work financially, but can you imagine my excitement when I learned this was a person who wanted to collaborate with me?

I was completely blown away by how much more excited I was to be a writer when I left that room than when I entered. This has created a new goal for me in addition to NaBloPoMo: I will leave my house 2 times each month to attend events where other writers will be in droves.

Two times. Every month. At least.


Valtastic said...

How much have I told you it's all about networking!

For collaborating don't worry about the finances. You can usually get paid more becuase now the publication doesn't have to pay for someone internally to find something to match.

PeaceLoveMath said...

I enjoyed this post, but I also want to say that I wish anon would have the cajones to post a response to everyone's response to her. (I'm making an assumption that anon is a "her" but I could be wrong.) Anyway, I hadn't even read that post of yours yet, and after reading it and then re-reading anon's comment, I don't even know why she made it, because you had already rebutted the point she was making in your actual post, before she even commented. That you can't argue against it with religion, regardless of how fervently you believe in your religion, because that's not the point at all.

Anyway. Just saying. Also, I had a very lovely weekend, thank you again!