Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out with the Old

We (mostly just me...) are in the process of getting rid of our possessions. Big time. Like going through every drawer and box and just dumping, vetting, eliminating crap. The goal of this is to empty one entire room for future use by a new person, making one of the other rooms pull double duty.

The whole idea of streamlining my endless ocean of crap is so therapeutic for me. I find I love getting rid of stuff. I free-cycled a bunch of junk online, gave some bookshelves to friends. Corey installed the new shelves I bought at Ikea and they just look so amazing there, brimming with my knitting and books and files.

The other day, I unearthed my old laptop, my PC Dell I got as a college graduation gift. It's full of music and photos I haven't seen in 2.5 years. I have been spending the majority of my time transferring these files to my external hard drive. The process takes so long with my dinosaur computer that I question whether it's worth it. Hopefully, the joy I get donating a piece of junk laptop to a needy organization will more than make up for the time I'm spending juggling flash drives and USB cables.

At least I'll have a few more square feet of storage in my house.

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Unknown said...

That sounds exactly like what I went through a few months ago (minus preparing for the baby) -- getting rid of stuff feels SO GOOD. And you think 1 old Dell is bad? I had FOUR old computers I needed to go through and transfer all the files to my now single computer. That (combined with talking to you about backups) is what finally motivated me to buy an external hard drive and start backing up my computer.
Anyway, I am really glad you're able to see the benefit of having less crap around -- it's somewhat paradoxical because even though you're getting rid of things, you're not losing anything -- rather, you're gaining something (simplicity, not having to think about or deal with or clean that stuff, more spaciousness both physically and mentally). Man I could go on and on about this. And one day I will.

Goodbye for now.

-Uncle Jordan