Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Pies!

My refrigerator currently contains two pumpkin pies, baked by me last night. The story of the pies is sort of pathetic. I was going to purchase pre-baked pies, but had a hissy fit on discovering these cost $9 each. I stomped through the store finding ingredients--not an easy task in the Giant Eagle Market District because they constantly rearrange the shelves and keep things in a nonsensical organization in order to get customers to buy more crap. It worked! I got a dark chocolate bar I hadn't counted on buying!

Anyway, I bought all these things and came home to bake only to discover we had no sugar. What family has no sugar? None! No sugar. I had to go ask the neighbors, who were also out of sugar except the little bit they put in their morning coffee. I took their coffee sugar. Why? Because I already steal their herbs and wreck their oregano. I might as well take their coffee sugar! (Actually, they assured me they were going shopping later)

So now I have these delicious, perfect pies. And I can't eat them! And with my super-sonic pregnancy sense of smell, I can smell them at all times. Even with the fridge closed. Even upstairs. I smell them and I know they're in there. What would happen if I just ate one? Would my family rebel and never speak to me again or would they forgive me one silken, gingery pie...

How will I make it until after dinner tomorrow knowing these pies exist?


PeaceLoveMath said...

I won't kill you if you eat one, since I don't usually like pumpkin. BUT since you made them yourself, I will have to try a bit tomorrow.

Jane said...

One pumpkin pie will be plenty tomorrow. We also have a pumpkin roll from Tracy and my pecan pie. Go ahead, Mama, eat a big piece of pumpkin pie!

Katy said...

Oh I ate some! My mom encouraged me and it really didn't take much to get me slicing in and eating a big piece. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I'm actually more excited about Tracy's pumpkin roll I think.