Thursday, November 06, 2008

In Other News...

Speaking of hope, I've been having a rough time finding it lately. I've been in a dry spell in terms of work and lots of things have been falling through. Yada, yada, right?

Most freelancers I talk to tell me to be prepared for the ups and downs, and I've written numerous times about my impatience in dealing with those. Well, here comes an up!

Many months ago, I sort of secured a gig as a contributing writer for a new green and sustainability website called The Green Connoisseur. Not much really happened. For a long time...

Until yesterday! The site went live and features two of my articles: this one and this one! Plus there's a section of the website where my bio is all up in the air for people to admire.

I was really glad to get that email about the site going live, I'll tell you what. As often happens, that email started a wee wave of incoming work. All it takes is one shift in my energy and things start moving in the right direction.

**I'm sure it's not actually my energy but rather my diligent dedication to networking myself and the dogged follow-up and countless hours I spend putting together pitches about my ideas. Sometimes it's just easier to think of this work as 'energy.'**

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p said...

super yay!

SOOO done with the soapboxing and wanting to share a really interesting NPR thing - as a peace offering to people on here that probably think i'm a rigid bitch :o) Manic Pixie Dream Girls