Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anne of Green Gables

I heart Anne. I heart her so much I might explode. I thought for a long time that I preferred Emily, the other L.M. Montgomery girl series heroine, but really it's all about Anne.

I mean Emily has a lot to love. She's a writer. She's really determined to be successful sort of independently of her love interests. She's clairvoyant.

But Anne! When I last went home to reclaim my childhood books I tried to reassemble my Anne series and could not. Something had happened to both Rilla of Ingleside and Anne of Green Gables. You can imagine how devastating this is for me. Sure, I could replace the two books, but then the covers won't match! I'll have a mismatched series. Like some jerk who doesn't care about book covers. No. I want my Anne. My version of the book where I first met this stubborn person who'd walk a roof pole or rather drown in the shimmering lake than get in a rowboat with a boy who called her "carrots."

Now here are some books that women can read and feel good about! I mean, in the days when women didn't really get to do things, Anne was smashing slates on people's heads and going to college and then giving up college to help maintain a farm. What I love about Anne is that, while she and Gilbert have a true and lasting lifelong love, this love is not the center of the book. At least not the first one. It's all about Anne and her wants and needs. I love that! I would certainly list Anne and Gilbert's among the great loves of the ages and Gilbert never even had to kidnap Anne to prevent her from visiting...I fail to think of another boy's name from the series, but if Anne wanted to visit him she would. And if Gilbert tried to stop her? She'd probably kick him in the balls. And then not talk to him for six years as punishment. There is a woman to emulate.

Much to Corey's chagrin I added the Anne miniseries to our Netflix queue. It's going to be a solid week of Anne Shirley at my house and I couldn't be happier!


Rosemary said...

Oh Rank, Rachel just told me that I had to read your blog ASAP, probably b/c she knew it would also fill me with joy. We both love Anne of GG and agree that she is a timeless heroine that helped fuel the independent streak in all of us. What I wouldn't give to be the Lady of Shalott. I'm sure your little
Rank-Lev-lett will love Anne as much as we do!

K-Train said...

I am feeling some Twilight back lash? Maybe just a bit?

p said...

I also loved Rilla.

Are you talking about the PBS Anne series or another? I have GG and Avonlea on DVD...I forced J to watch them one winter weekend last year. He DOES NOT get it.

I love that Anne loves and is jealous of the feminine domestic Diana. Her struggle to recognize that those qualities are not as comfortable on her skin but that she can still have love and independence really speaks to girls like us.

PeaceLoveMath said...

I probably will have to go remedy the fact that I've never read Anne of GG, or any of the other books.

Speaking of your new least-favorite heroine, you'll have to go to and watch the season finale from last night - it's a Twilight spoof. I haven't seen it yet, but I plan to watch it tonight because after this week it won't be available any more until a few months from now.